Sydney Magician Appears on National TV

Being a rare Asian Female Sydney Magician I’m honored to be invited back on Studio 10 to share my wizardry skills with Australia.
10 years ago I was stuck in my cubicle in the rat race and I would have never even thought of getting on TV….let alone being invited back again! I’m sitting here reflecting on my growth as one of Australia’s premier magician, one of the top Sydney Magicians to hire, Emcee, Entrepreneur an soon to be Keynote Speaker. It’s insane and it blows my mind.
Who would have thought a tiny little average asian who got made redundant from the Corporate world would now be sharing her talent as a proud Sydney Magician on National TV…Not once but TWICE!? Seems impossible doesn’t it? The truth is anything is possible as long as YOU BELIEVE IN IT!
And all starts with a simply thought…. It’s been a extremely Fulfilling and Fun journey spreading my Magic, Joy and opening up creative minds for High End Corporate Functions around Australia.
I am deeply grateful for this amazing opportunity and watching the panel unleashing their inner child once again by my craft is the fuel that keeps me pumping. That look on Angela Bishop’s face is PRICELESS!
IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! As grown ups we often forget to have FUN and simply enjoy the MAGIC. Why is having FUN and enjoying MAGIC so important? Because having fun and enjoying the magic makes you happy. People that are happy tend to laugh.
Laughter is one of the easiest way to induce endorphin release! Laughter is something that connects humans with one another in a profound way. People are 30% more likely to laugh in a social setting than when alone….and I would say from experience almost 90% more likely for people to bond and tap into their inner child from witnessing Magic in a social settings or Corporate Function.
Get out there, watch some magic, have fun and be happy—induce the powerful hormones of endorphins. Magic is so much Fun and literally makes your body feel good! I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them FEEL.
Here is the link to the FULL VIDEO MAGIC SEGMENT ->
Enjoy the Magic and see you in the next blog! ?
Comment below and let me know which was your favourite trick in the show ?
P.S. Remember Magic only happens to those who BELIEVE IN IT!
Signing out….
Trace of Magic

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